Welcome to the website of the clinic AXON

Neurorehabilitation clinic AXON in Prague is a private rehabilitation centre oriented namely to children patients. The clinic provides its clients with the Cosmic therapy, a unique concept combining traditional rehabilitation with the latest findings in fields of neurology and neuroplasticity of brain. The Cosmic therapy comprises the intensive individual neurorehabilitation (based on the TheraSuit concept), the robotic devices programs, stay in multisensory environment (Snoezelen) and use of sensory integration. An important part of therapy is represented by the education of parents which is crucial for the development of children after they finish the therapy.

Another benefit of the Cosmic therapy is that it takes place 7 days a week for 4 weeks so that the brain is stimulated continually. On working days the therapy takes 4 hours and on weekends 2 hours. Results of such a long-term and constant exercise are significant and long-lasting. The AXON clinic is situated in Marie Cibulkové street in Prague 4.


  • English website


    The English version of our website was already launched. You will find here basic information about the clinic and the Cosmic therapy. For further questions please contact info@neuroaxon.cz