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Neurorehabilitation clinic AXON is a highly specialized private clinic that provides intensive therapy for adults and children with DMO, cerebrovascular patients, brain tumors, head trauma, spinal cord injuries or other diseases that arise at the level of the central nervous system.
The clinic offers the Kosmik therapeutic program, which is based on intensive neurorehabilitation by TheraSuit method, Lokomat, intended for both permanent and temporary patients with lower limbs, and CI therapy, a program for patients with mono-or hemiparetic DMO, stroke, craniotrauma or with multiple sclerosis.

The only outpatient facility of this type in the Czech Republic

Neurorehabilitation clinic AXON is an outpatient facility. The clinic was established in October 2014. The owner and the head of the Neurorehabilitation Clinic AXON is MUDr. Jarmila Zipserová. The clinic is situated in two buildings in Marie Cibulková street 879/11 and 450/13 in Prague 4.
Currently, it is the only outpatient clinic for the treatment of cerebral palsy and other neuromuscular deficits in the Czech Republic. Currently, the clinic is able to provide therapy for about 20 patients a month. Accepts both Czech and foreign patients.

MUDr. Jarmila Zipserová

The professional guarantor of the rehabilitation facility is MUDr. Jarmila Zipser, who previously served as Director of the Medical Section in Sanatoriums Klimkovice. Thanks to her many years of experience she has become a respected specialist in neurology and child neurorehabilitation. She is currently the doctor with the longest TheraSuit treatment practice in the Czech Republic. „A meeting with Isabella Koscielna, a Polish physiotherapist living in the United States, who has earned access to the TheraSuit method for the public, has become a fate to me. the direction I want to make in medicine – that I want to continue with her mission and provide an intensive, comprehensive and especially effective method of treatment of neuromuscular deficits also for Czech patients. „

MUDr. Zipserová helps with a treatment at the Neurorehabilitation Clinic of AXON by a team of highly qualified therapists who have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of physiotherapy, TheraSuit therapy and rehabilitation of children and adults with physical and combined disabilities

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  • Adrianka si na samotné místo, způsob terapie a fyzioterapeuty zvykla velmi rychle a byla zde velmi spokojená, o čemž svědčí příjemná atmosféra na klinice. V naše případě jsme měly na poslední týden jinou fyzioterapeutku, což bylo pro obě strany náročnější, ale i s touto výzvou jsme se vypořádaly a ujistily se, že se tým AXONu skládá ze skvělých fyzioterapeutek, které jsou velmi dobře vyškoleny a všechny mají výborný přístup k dětem a ke své práci.

    Jitka Dupuy, únor 2016