Is it appropriate to repeat the treatment? And if so, how many times a year?

It always depends individually on assessing the condition of the individual child. Upon completion of the first therapy, the doctor recommends further treatment. The same is true for the frequency of therapies in the year, and it is always up to the child to have the most appropriate timetable. Therapy is also useful in some cases to prevent possible complications.

What are the contraindications to Kosmik therapy? What about epilepsy?

Contraindication is any acute condition, such as an ongoing acute illness including decompensated diabetes. In the case of epilepsy, if it is medically stabilized, it is not an obstacle to the therapy.

Can the child handle a four-hour therapy every day? Will not it feel tired?

Therapy is always based on the current condition and condition of the child, taking into account all the diagnoses. In addition, activation and relaxation elements alternate within the therapy, so the effort and relaxation of the child are spread throughout the therapy. In the case of child fatigue, the therapy is adapted to this and the same applies to the opposite.

Why is therapy going on at weekends?

Weekend therapy is one of the cornerstones of the entire Cosmetics therapy, for the purpose of effectively creating a memory track. According to the latest research, it is necessary to repeat the exercise for at least 21 days to create and store a new memory track. During this time, synapses in the brain must be activated continuously every day. In order to achieve the best results of the therapy, it is also necessary to practice the weekend.

What is the purpose of Snoezelen's involvement in therapy and is it suitable for every child?

Snoezelen is primarily active or relaxing, for example, to motivate more passive children for further therapy or to reassure children with attention deficit disorder. The main contribution of Snoezelen is then in the development of congressional functions and the creation of new associations. In addition, Snoezelen helps to create an environment of safety. This leads to the creation of a connection between the child and his therapist, which has a positive effect on all other Cosmetic therapy components. This makes the therapist better able to motivate the child and better understand his needs.

Is the Cosmetic Therapy suitable for children with metabolic disorders?

In the case of metabolic disorders, individual diagnoses need to be taken into account. Therapy is not suitable for severe malnutrition, severe osteoporosis or decompensated diabetes. In addition to these contraindications, Cosmetic is also suitable for diagnosis of metabolic disorders after consultation with a physician.

Can be therapy Kosmík used in the treatment of adult patients?

The Kosmík therapy is applicable to both pediatric and adult patients. In addition, there is always an individual plan for each patient, so therapy is tailor made for adults as well. Our therapists then individually work on the primary problems that determine in combination both the patient, the physician and the physiotherapist, in order to improve the patient’s health and quality of life.