On this page you can read the stories of our children, children who have been in the clinic during the last months of our therapy. They are not just their stories, they are the stories of their parents and loved ones who are involved in their treatment or otherwise support them. These are stories of joyful and sad plot, the main and the more subtle characters, but one thing in common: they all try to have the stories happy. If you also want to become one of these stories, read them and contribute to a transparent account.

A transparent bill has been set up by AXON for children who have gone through the therapy once and would like to go through it again. Read their fate and contribute by any amount to a particular child by typing his full name into the recipient’s message. The amount collected will then be used to pay for his future therapy.

If you can not decide, write “everyone” in your message and your pause will be evenly distributed among all children involved in this program. If you would like to contribute to the new instrumentation of the clinic – specifically a special robotic device for upper limb rehabilitation that works with virtual reality, write in the report for recipients “robotics”.

Transparent account number is 2200739204/2010 and you can find the current resource status by clicking on this link.

Choose which story you’d like to be part of, and help the kids get closer to the happy end. Thank you.