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I would summarize this as follows: Very beneficial therapy.

Markéta Dvořáková, may 2017

We liked here that we refused to go to the spa with Misha and we’d rather leave the money here! ? We have “ordered” additional terms.

Zuzana Rovná, june 2017

At the clinic we liked it. Physiotherapist Klara is great, we want her next time. Vojta had the exercises exactly as needed. I just got coffee from the receptionist, the atmosphere was cool, homely. We would definitely like to repeat the exercises next year.

Monika Lehotská, july 2017

We are very happy, we like to go back to the clinic, Kosmik therapy – great satisfaction.

Věra Kirschnerová, september 2017

After an initial examination by the doctor and setting a rehabilitation plan that gave smyls and after a few days it was clear. We are going to AXON regularly and I’m convinced that it’s the best I can do for Peta. We met here with a nice and professional approach of all employees. Thank you.

Monika Kašparová, september 2017

Overall great satisfaction!

Petr Hrdlička, august 2017

I would like to thank everyone at the clinic for their professionalism at work. Physiotherapist David Soviš thanks for the wonderful approach and the perfect exercise with Elena. Coordinator Ludmila Grulichová, PR Alena Maděrová and the excellent receptionist Ivetě Poštulková are thanks for everything they do for parents, children, for a good mood and nice approach. We will look forward to another rehab exercise.k.

Dita Szymanská, october 2017