CEREBRUM – Association of persons after brain injury and their families

CEREBRUM is a registered association supporting persons who have suffered traumatic or other brain damage as well as their family members or carers. Their mission is to contribute to the understanding of brain injuries and to provide information to those affected and their loved ones.

CEREBRA’s basic services include rehabilitation-reconditioning program, counseling, self-help groups for family members, lectures, courses, publishing of the Makovice periodical and library management.

With Cerebrum we have a common goal – to help patients with brain damage and their families. Most of them are addressed by their self-help groups led by psychologist PhDr. Simonou Skřičková, which can be used by parents of our patients. Sharing the experience of people with a similar fate can certainly bring lift, psychological relief, new information or even a new insight into life. In the case of a lot of interest, a self-help group can be formed only from parents of AXON patients.

Portal I live with handicap

The I live with handicap website provides information for people with disabilities and their loved ones. It publishes inspirational stories of handicapped people, informs about the current events in the Czech Republic that concern this community, publishes invitations to relevant events, provides practical information on topics that directly affect life with disability, creates space for the charitable market, and allows for the creation of a blog.It originated from the initiative of VIDIA DESIGN, s.r.o., which focuses on web design, online presentations and marketing, as a project aimed at providing information for people with disabilities, while creating a space for public communication.

With the motto “Even with a handicap you can live a full life and achieve great things …” that accompanies the readers of the zijushandicapem.cz web portal, we absolutely agree. We appreciate the diversity and quantity of well prepared reports and articles that people with disabilities and their loved ones offer. That’s why we decided to cooperate with the portal and provide him with interesting information about events at AXON Clinic that could benefit disabled people.

Centrum Filipovka – Hornomlýnská, o.p.s.

Hornomlýnská, o.p., is a registered provider of Relief Services and Personal Assistance Services for Children with Disabilities in Prague and the Central Bohemian Region. The mission of the relief service is to make it easier for parents and other caregivers to care for a child with disabilities every day and to create suitable conditions for the development of these children.

Whilst the child is taken care of in all respects, the parent will have free time for rest, personal care, or other family members

Furthermore, Hornomlýnská, o.p., provides services of a personal assistant, both in the environment of kindergartens, basic and special types, and in the home environment. At educational establishments, assistants help their children join a college of healthy peers, and they also help them with education and support them in their own autonomy. At home, they provide comprehensive care – from personal hygiene, meals, to various educational and activation activities. The assistant can also accompany the child to educational institutions, interest clubs, integration centers, various rehabilitation exercises,

The Filipovka Center is here for families with children aged 2 – 13 with different types and degrees of disability and with permanent residence in the territory of Prague and Central Bohemia.

We have been in contact with Hornomlýnská since October 2015. We have worked together with them because they provide services that are very useful to our patients and their families, in addition to low cost. We raise our awareness among our people who need our services.

Endowment fund Happy star

The Happy Star helps children and disabled children to meet their physical and intangible needs: they can provide rehabilitation aids, support therapies, reimbursement of assistance costs, rehabilitation therapy, help with dealing with insurance companies, etc. The Foundation Fund was established in January 2014 and operates in all regions of the Czech Republic, but the widest range is in the Vysočina region.

The happy star allowed several of our patients to undergo Kosmík therapy. Apart from this form of partnership, we plan to develop benefit projects together.